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Equipment List
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The following is a partial equipment list for S.E.I.P.S.

Camcorders (some with Nightshot)

Most investigations take place at night and our video recordings are shot in the dark. Shooting in the dark allows us to capture most types of visual anomalies, from shadows to self-illuminating activity.

We use the Sony brand camcorders to take advantage of their advanced NightShot capabilities. Non Nightshot camcorders are used with UV lights and cross-hair laser levels to detect movement without the use of Infrared light.
Digital Cameras (some with IR sensitivity)

We use digital cameras to capture scenes where activity is common, where we feel activity may be present as well as simply to document the layout of a room to help with the analysis done by our Tech Team.
Digital Recorders

Digital audio recorders are used to attempt to capture EVPs. Electronic Voice Phenomena is a voice or sound which can only be heard on playback of the audio recording. EVPs can sometimes help our investigators to determine the nature of the phenomena.
Analog (Cassette Tape) Recorders

We use analog cassette recorders to back up our digital cassette recordings. It has been shown that analog recorders may pick up EVPs which a digital recorder cannot. Some feel this may be due to the white noise that is generated by the inner workings of the recorder which an entity may be able to manipulate to produce an EVP.
EMF Detectors

EMF detectors help our investigators find areas of abnormal electromagnetic fields. This may be caused by faulty wiring, older electronics and other wiring which may need to be replaced. Research shows that unusually high electomagnetic fields can cause hallucination, irritability, anxiety, fatigue and skin irritations. Sometimes fixing an electrical problems eliminates the "ghost".
Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers allow us to find hot or cold spots. One theory about ghosts is that they cause cold spots when they gather energy from the environment around them in order to manifest or communicate.
Weather Stations

We use several wireless weather station sensors to record temperatures in rooms where paranormal activity is believed to be occurring. The investigator at our central command station can then monitor any fluctuations and direct investigators to the room should any unusual variances be noticed.

We use compasses to map out the floorplan of an investigation. We also find them useful to note any magnetic disturbances during an investigation.
Laser (Cross-Hair) Levers

For larger investigations, when we do not have enough Nightshot camcorders to cover all areas of interest, we may use laser levels. They allow us to use a daylight camcorder in the dark. By setting up several cross-hair laser levels we can detect movement by recording breaks in the laser lines which show shape and dimension.
Stud Finder

Stud Finders are helpful when we need to locate wiring in an area where Electormagnetic Fields are detected.
Flashlights (Battery operated & hand crank)

As we do most investigations in the dark, a flashlight is essential. During larger investigations where our central command station is not close by, we will use hand crank flashlights to ensure no investigator is left in the dark in the case of a battery failure.

We use laptops & desktop computers to record and store data gathered during an investigations.
Single & Multi-Digital Video Recording Systems

Our desktop computer system allows for multiple video feeds to be displayed and recorded at once using a split screen monitor system and external hard drive.
Pocket Power Packs

Pocket Power Packs are remote power supplies allowing us to plug in our devices with a normal AC power plug when electricity is not available. They last much longer than a battery would.

Walkie talkies allow communication between each investigator and central command.
And last, but not least, lots & lots of batteries

We try to use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.
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